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Air Duct Cleaning


What Is In Your Ducts?

Dirty air vents are a major cause of indoor air pollution.  Every time your air conditioning or heating system is on, airborne contaminates are being drawn into your air vents.  these contaminates cause a build up of debris in your ducts, increasing problems with allergies, and leaving you with a dusty, dirty house.  Our cleaning process at Deputy DUCT is state-of-the-art with successful results – customer after customer.  Check out our Testimonials.

Deputy DUCT deploys advanced air duct cleaning technology with the only self-contained method that simultaneously brushes and vacuums the debris.  Dirt is brushed loose inside the air duct and immediately swept up by powerful dual vacuums that are fitted with HEPA filters to make sure the air is free of pollen, animal dander, dustmites and other harmful bacteria.

Air Duct Cleaning – Step by Step:

  • Removal and cleaning of registers
  • Technician cleans supply vents all the way to the air handler
  • Dirt and debris is brushed, collected and swept up by the dual vacuum system
  • Optimum coverage is ensured as technician works back through the system, over lapping much of the duct work
  • Vacuum attachment typically cleans inside the air handler
  • Air handler fan is turned on and anti-microbial treatment is fogged into cold air return

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